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Introducing artisanally crafted wines that highlight some of the finest grapes and vineyards of Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Crafting our hand-made, small-batch vintages one varietal at a time is both a celebration of terroir from some of the finest grape growing regions in California and a tribute to place.

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With Cabernet Sauvignon grapes sourced from a small vineyard in the the Rutherford AVA, this wine provides aromas of black cherry and cedar. A complex tannic structure reveals fruit flavors of blackberry, black cherry, and cocoa with a smooth crisp finish.

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SKU: 20150201

A bit of summer in a bottle! Our first wine from the Three Oaks Farm vineyard is light and crisp with strawberry and rhubarb notes.

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This wine has a bit of blueberry in the aroma, along with leather and chocolate. Tannins are well balanced with a touch of acid and a long smooth finish. This isn't a wine that grabs the tongue, but instead flows warmly across the palate.

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Local, Artisanal Production

At Revolve we make wine in small batches by hand, using minimal equipment or mechanization, fermenting in oak barrels and making use of wild field yeast. This creates an intimate connection with our product and allows us the opportunity to adjust conditions on the micro-scale of individual barrels during the most important stages of production. During the crucial days of fermentation, we hand-rotate our barrels throughout each day, checking in on their progress. 

Three significant distinctions, containers, control and chronology, separate us from just about anyone else in the business. These differences produce an intentional process which we refine and improve over time and a qualitative difference in the final wine experience.