Artisanal Production

At Revolve we make wine in small batches by hand, using minimal equipment or mechanization. This creates an intimate connection with our product and allows us the opportunity to adjust conditions on the micro-scale of individual barrels during the most important stages of production. During the crucial days of fermentation, we hand-rotate our barrels throughout each day, checking in on their progress. 

Barrel Fermentation

What is in a name?  At Revolve, we ferment in medium-toasted French Oak barrels, the very same barrels in which we age our wine. We focus on whole berry fermentation and a gentle crush of the grapes. From the moment the crushed grapes enter the barrels until primary fermentation concludes our wine 'revolves'. We individually rotate each barrel multiple times a day to release carbon dioxide, extract from the skins and gently break the grape skins.




The Best Organic Grapes

The taste of our wine is the expression of the very soil that nourishes the grapes, a taste specific not only of place, but of season and growing conditions: terroir. Choosing only the finest grapes for our wines means creating relationships with the finest growers in the most celebrated areas within our region.

About the Winemakers

We are two friends who discovered a mutual interest in wine and winemaking and began making wine on a small production basis in 2008. Our passion for wine and constant innovation and improvement results in excellent wine in every bottle. 

Daniel Nice holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis. Winemaking inspires him for its particular blend of the scientific and the artistic creative processes. "Creating something that people can enjoy in a physical, visceral way is very rewarding and humbling."

Scott Sporte sees winemaking is an act of both creative and physical energy that can sometimes be lacking in an office environment. "Finishing a harvest and processing day with sore muscles and a clean wet concrete floor provides a satisfying 'job well-done' finish."

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